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The Writer's Gauntlet
Spinning crap into fiction...
Finally completed, here is my latest finished story.

The finished v1.0 of Marty Drexell's new tale...Collapse )

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2 Tales Told or Write
I have thrown down the figurative gauntlet (pun only partially intended) and created a community for people with any kind of writing yen to come together and write stories based around strange and simplistic concepts, many randomly generated, allowing for all of us to write the same basic idea or concept from our varying personal styles and perspectives.

The idea is to, in the future, give a few ideas per week that allow people to write to their heart's content without having to feel the need to go over 1,000 or 2,000 words.

That being said, maybe some interest will be drummed up someday so a few challenges can be offered.

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